The SeaWorld Abu Dhabi development on Yas Island has reached 90% completion


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, which will be the first dedicated marine research, rescue, rehabilitation and return center in the UAE, is anticipated to open on Yas Island in 2023. Currently, the project has reached 90% completion. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment in partnership with Miral, which is a leading creator of immersive experiences and destinations in the emirate, are developing the marine-life theme park. The research and rescue center situated next to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is set to open this year.

The activity of the center will be focused on indigenous Arabian Gulf and marine life ecosystems while supporting regional and global conservation efforts. A team of veterinarians, rescue experts and educators, animal care professionals and marine scientists, in cooperation with environmental organisations, academic institutions and regulators will lead SeaWorld. The rescue team will be available any time of the day, throughout the week.

The theme park on Yas Island will include 5 indoor levels, which will offer themed environments, rides and habitats, as well as immersive experiences. The total area of the development constitutes 1.97M sq. ft. The latest technologies are being used to design and build the habitats and ecosystems for the animals housed at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi in order to replicate their natural habitat.

The Chairman of Miral, Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, said that the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE has delivered long standing marine conservation and the opening of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi signifies the start of a new chapter in regional and global marine life knowledge, sustainability, as well as conservation. The partnership of the Miral company with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment will help to further position the capital of the UAE as a global tourism hub and contribute to its economic growth.

It is anticipated that SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will contain over 58M litres of water. The theme park will be home to more than 150 species of marine animals including schools of fish, sea turtles, sharks, manta rays, amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates, as well as hundreds of birds such as murres, puffins, penguins, flamingos, etc.

There is an active construction of residential real estate on Yas Island, where SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will be located. Most recently, a couple of new residential complexes from one of the leading development companies in the emirate, Aldar Properties, such as Yas Park Gate and Yas Golf Collection have been launched in the area. Residents of these complexes benefit from easy access to various attractions on Yas Island including Ferrari World, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Yas Links Abu Dhabi and many more.

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