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Al Ghadeer Village

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About the area

The new fast-growing community of Al Ghadeer Village, from Abu Dhabi’s leading developer, Aldar Properties, is located on the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The construction of the area began in 2007 with low-rise apartment buildings and villas predominating here. The project consists of 2 phases, the first of which was completed in 2013 and counts 2,131 units of residential housing including townhouses, villas, terrace apartments and a couple of high-rise apartments. Al Ghadeer Phase II is expected to have 611 units that will include maisonettes, townhouses and villas. Completion of the construction work is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

Al Ghadeer Village has 5 exclusive blocks with environmentally friendly facilities. Al Ghadeer’s visionary master plan proposes that after the completion of Phase II, the total residential area of the housing stock will exceed 1.3M sq.m and will include 14,408 residential properties The Al Ghadeer Village is expected to have special areas such as a District Center Civic, Commercial District and Center Residential. According to the new Al Ghadeer master plan, the area will be supplemented by office spaces, a hotel, public garden areas, community swimming pools and multi-use sports areas. Moreover, the developer plans to open a new Elementary School and International School in the area. Other planned amenities in the area include a Skate Park and a Children’s Dune Park, Retail Boulevard, Clubhouse and a Business Park.

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Projects in Al Ghadeer Village

Al Khubaira Village
Ready to Move In
Liwa Village
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Liwa Village

Al Ghadeer Village

Al Ghadeer
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Location and infrastructure of the district

Despite the remoteness of Al Ghadeer from the busy urban areas, transportation here is convenient as it provides direct access to ​the Saih Sheib – Al Faya Truck Road and to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road.

The infrastructure of the area is designed so that residents can move easily on foot. Within walking distance of the community there is a Wheatfields grocery store, Al Ghadeer Masjid (Mosque), Sabil Kids and Waha kids play area, a basketball court, beauty salons, cafes and restaurants, Waterfall Park, Waterfall Clubhouse, Waterfall Swimming Pool, Al Ghadeer Tennis Court, Vogue Fitness gym and Medicina Pharmacy. The Al Waha Building is home to the British Oak Montessori Nursery, and eventually the Al Ghadeer International School will be housed here.

To travel outside the district, it is recommended that you own a car or take a taxi, as public transport is not yet available in the area.

  • Al Maktoum International Airport is just a 20-minute drive from the area.
  • Reaching the central areas of Dubai is about a 40-minute drive, but the road to Abu Dhabi will take just over one hour on a toll highway or about two hours on a non toll highway.
  • Dulsco Medical Clinic and Max Medical Clinic are located in the neighbouring Dubai Industrial City district.

It is worth noting that back in 2018 Aldar made a deal with the American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, after which it became known that Al Ghadeer will be home to the first supersonic transport in the UAE. The speed of the Hyperloop in Dubai will be commensurate with that of an airplane with the speed of the hyper-cycle from Abu Dhabi to Dubai reaching a colossal 1,123 km/h. The concept of Hyperloop was originally conceived by Elon Musk as a technology that will change the definition and understanding of transportation in the near future. The main goal of the project is to reduce environmental pollution, traffic congestion and travel time.

The construction of the Hyperloop is already in progress and it is expected that Phase I of the project will include the construction of a 10km highway in Abu Dhabi. A feasibility study of potential Hyperloop routes in Dubai is also being studied. At the moment, the work on Phase II is being discussed. The expected completion date of the Hyperloop has not yet been confirmed, but as soon as the construction is completed, the movement between Al Ghadeer and the two Emirates will become much faster, more environmentally friendly and more technologically advanced.

Economic attractiveness

Al Ghadeer is considered a calm self-contained area, which is well suited for families and those who work and move between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Unlike the coastal areas of Abu Dhabi, the sale and rental prices here are not that high. Al Ghadeer is considered one of the top areas of Abu Dhabi for buying apartments, which has maintained the highest ROI over the last few years:

  • 8-9% for a studio apartment.
  • For apartments with 1 or more bedrooms start from 7.2%.
  • A 3BR villa may expect a return of 6.4%.

Al Ghadeer Phase II offers various off-plan properties. There are 1-2 bedrooms and 3-bedroom townhouses. In the near future, 4-bedroom villas will also be available for purchase. The living area of the properties ranges from 398 sq.ft. up to 2,216 sq. ft. Interested investors can buy a 1-bedroom apartment at a starting price of AED 290,000 (USD 79,000). It is expected that ROI indicators in Al Ghadeer Phase II will reach 11%.

It is also worth mentioning that Al Ghadeer is located close to the EXPO 2020 Dubai site. The large flow of expected tourists implies an increase in the popularity of the nearest communities, which makes the Al Ghadeer Village area one of the most economically attractive areas.

*The price is valid for 2021

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The best property projects

It is expected that the Al Ghadeer Phase II will feature studio apartments as well as 1-4 bedroom apartments. The living area of residences is expected to vary from 398 sf.ft. to 2,217 sq. ft. At the moment, the area comprises several communities, where you can either buy or rent properties. Here we consider the most popular of the communities.

Al Khaleej Village

The Al Khaleej Village is a sub-community that offers various residential options that include low-rise apartment buildings, villas and townhouses. The living area of properties range from 456 sq.ft. to 2,450 sq.ft. The starting price for a 1BR apartment with 2 bathrooms is AED 380,000 (USD 104,000). The average cost to buy a 2BR townhouse is AED 1,100,000 (USD 300,000). The price for a 3BR villa starts from AED 1,650,000 (USD 500,000).

Prices for renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Al Khaleej Village start from AED 30,000 (USD 8,200) per year. Rentals for townhouses and villas have a starting price of AED 50,000 (USD 14,000) per year.

Al Waha

Al Waha is a complex featuring 331 residential units that include studio apartments and 1-3BR apartments, with living areas from 456 sq.ft. to 1,056 sq.ft. All properties are presented with minimal finishings, a modern kitchen, spacious balconies and the possibility of living with pets. This complex has its own gym, swimming pool and basketball court.

Interested investors can buy a 1BR apartment at the starting price of AED 400,000 (USD 110,000). Apartments to rent are also available here with prices for a 1BR apartment starting from AED 30,000 (USD 8,200) per year.

Al Sabeel Building

Like the previous complex, the Al Sabeel Building offers apartments and studios at an attractive price. Second hand housing is available for sale and to rent here. The living area of the apartments varies from 456 sq.ft. to 720 sq.ft. with the cost of a 1BR apartment starting from AED 400,000 (USD 110,000). Renting the same apartment may cost AED 30,000 a year (USD 8,200).

*The price is valid for 2021

Al Khubaira Village


Al Ghadeer is located in the Seih Sdeirah Investment Zone, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Despite its relative remoteness from both cities, the area is located close to some major landmarks that are worth paying attention to.

EXPO 2020

The World Exhibition in Dubai will be the first to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. ‘The Greatest Show on Earth will open in October 2021 and last until March 31, 2022. The main theme of the exhibition is “uniting minds, creating the future”. The venue of the exhibition is an area of 438 hectares, located in Dubai South, Dubai. The World Exhibition will be dedicated to the 50th golden anniversary of the country, and will serve as an engine for the development of progressive ideas of sustainable development. The exhibition pavilion is a 20-minute drive from Al Ghadeer Village.


MOTIONGATE Dubai is the largest Hollywood-inspired theme park in the Middle East that features 40 attractions associated with 4 major movie studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate and the Smurfs. The landmark is about 15 minutes’ drive from Al Ghadeer Village. Ticket prices here vary depending on the services offered. There are promotions, for example, on Mondays, where an entrance ticket that allows you to stay in the park all day will cost AED 140 (USD 38) including taxes.

*The price is valid for 2021

Ghantoot Polo Club

Ghantoot Polo Club is the only specialized polo club in the UAE located in Abu Dhabi. The territory of the club encompasses 300 hectares of green meadows, 8 grounds designed for playing polo and stables for more than 300 ponies. The facility also has a grandstand with 2,000 seats for spectators. The club hosts major events for horse riding and sports enthusiasts from all over the country every year. The landmark is less than a 20-minute drive from Al Ghadeer Village.

Properties for Sale & Rent in Al Ghadeer Village

Unit ReferenceTitleSizeBedsBathsPrice
MCS-4449 Well-Maintained 2BR | Great Investment | Best Buy 1,277 sq. ft. 2 3 1,000,000 AED
MPC-S-35716 Corner Unit | Double Row | Start Investing 662 sq. ft. 1 1 580,000 AED
MCS-4876 Magnificent 3BR+1|Community View|Great Investment 2,055 sq. ft. 3 4 2,000,000 AED
MCS-3710 Well-Maintained 2BR|Big Garden|Community View 913 sq. ft. 2 2 1,000,000 AED
MCS-4461 Magnificent Corner 1BR | End Unit | Prime Location 662 sq. ft. 1 1 525,000 AED
MPC-S-32778 Excellent 2BR | Gated Community| Rented Till June 1,022 sq. ft. 2 3 650,000 AED
MCS-4970 Hot Deal | Great Price | Balcony | Vacant Soon 482 sq. ft. Studio 1 320,000 AED
MCS-3711 Fantastic Studio | With Garden | Great Investment 377 sq. ft. Studio 1 400,000 AED
MCR-2222 2BR+M TH | Backyard | Kitchen Appliance included 1,695 sq. ft. 2 3 90,000 AED
MCS-1121 Furnished 1BR|With Private Garden|Rented Jan. 2024 597 sq. ft. 1 1 700,000 AED
MCS-5036 Excellent 2BR TH| Stunning Garden| Rented Till DEC 1,270 sq. ft. 2 2 900,000 AED
MCS-3718 Double Row | Spacious 2BR+M | Gated Community 2,147 sq. ft. 2 4 1,250,000 AED
MCR-2238 Single Row 3BR+M|Including Water And Electricity 2,853 sq. ft. 3 4 110,000 AED
MCS-2587 Ground Floor 2BR | Upgraded | Negotiable 1,083 sq. ft. 2 3 800,000 AED
MCS-5037 Elegant 2BR+M|Community View|Gated Community 1,717 sq. ft. 2 2 1,170,000 AED
MCS-3747 Wondrous 2BR | Ready To Move | Breeze Community 1,047 sq. ft. 2 2 600,000 AED
MCS-4681 Fully Furnished | Upgraded Unit | Stunning Garden 1,304 sq. ft. 2 3 1,180,000 AED
MCS-2996 2BR In Waterfall|Big Terrace|Pool View|Negotiable 1,055 sq. ft. 2 3 700,000 AED
MCS-2250 Hot Deal 2BR | Well-Maintained | Private Garden 1,695 sq. ft. 2 4 1,150,000 AED
MCS-3753 Elegant 2BR+M|Community View|Time To Own It 2,147 sq. ft. 2 3 1,250,000 AED
MCS-4726 Cozy Studio | Start-Investing | Gated Community 487 sq. ft. Studio 1 360,000 AED
MCS-3003 Single Row | Big Garden | Close To Park And Pool 1,499 sq. ft. 2 3 1,000,000 AED
MCS-5077 Single Row | Brand New 1BR | Private Garden 596 sq. ft. 1 1 630,000 AED
MCS-3960 Spacious 1BR | Family-Friendly View | Buy It 997 sq. ft. 1 2 550,000 AED
MCS-4786 Gorgeous 1BR | Rented | Full Amenities | Invest It 732 sq. ft. 1 1 550,000 AED
MCS-3061 Affordable Price | Amazing 1BR | Stunning Garden 652 sq. ft. 1 2 580,000 AED
MCR-2359 Huge Layout 2BR|Big Terrace|Waterfall Community 1,735 sq. ft. 2 3 85,000 AED
MCS-3966 Perfect 2BR|Family-Friendly View|Breeze Community 1,248 sq. ft. 2 3 1,100,000 AED
MCS-4805 Well Priced | Impressively-built | Gated Community 732 sq. ft. 1 2 620,000 AED
MCS-3199 4BR+M Villa|Terrace | Open Kitchen| Prime Location 3,363 sq. ft. 4 5 2,350,000 AED
MCS-5147 Huge Layout 2BR|Big Terrace|Waterfall Community 1,735 sq. ft. 2 3 1,500,000 AED
MCS-4148 Upgraded Unit | Excellent layout | Great Amenities 1,032 sq. ft. 2 2 780,000 AED
MCS-2438 Ground Floor 1BR | Corner Unit | Rented Till JAN 568 sq. ft. 1 1 580,000 AED
MCR-1776 Stunning 2BR | Fully Renovated | Gated Community 1,304 sq. ft. 2 3 90,000 AED
MCS-5154 Studio With Big Terrace | Rented Till AUG 2024 305 sq. ft. Studio 1 450,000 AED
MCS-4317 Mid 2BR Unit | Wise Investment | Rent Refundable 1,032 sq. ft. 2 2 750,000 AED
MCS-2768 First Floor | Rented Till 2024 | Superb Amenities 377 sq. ft. Studio 1 410,000 AED
MCS-3340 Corner 2BR | Single Row | Owner Occupied 1,301 sq. ft. 2 2 1,200,000 AED
MCS-4462 Sophisticated 1BR|Great Investment|Gated Community 567 sq. ft. 1 1 550,000 AED
MCS-2435 Fully Furnished | First Floor Apartment | Vacant 1,032 sq. ft. 2 2 780,000 AED
MCS-3628 Standalone 2BR+M | Single Row | Owner Occupied 1,695 sq. ft. 2 3 1,300,000 AED
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