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This opinion was expressed by the famous American actor, comedian and showman Steve Harvey. He praised all the measures that the country has taken to counter the spread of infection.

Harvey said that he based his opinions on statistics. As arguments, he cited a low mortality rate, a low infection rate among the population, as well as high rates of mass testing for the virus.

The actor thanked the country’s leaders for this, noting that the UAE is so successfully coping with the virus primarily because of their serious attitude, love for their citizens and desire to protect them. He also called on the US government to take the example of the UAE in the fight against coronavirus.

Timely measures

One cannot disagree with the actor: the United Arab Emirates have indeed taken a large and impressive set of measures in order to successfully contain the infection. The first cases of COVID-19 in the country occurred more than two months ago, but the authorities immediately took effective measures, thanks to which they managed to contain the spread of disease.

Firstly, all flights from countries with a high infection rate were canceled. In addition, mass testing began at ports, airports and public places. Later flights were completely canceled.

The health system also instantly became involved in the struggle, using all its reserves. The number of healthcare facilities was doubled, and medical services were transferred to a round-the-clock operation.

The authorities paid special attention to the support of medical personnel. In particular, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid launched the #ThankYouHeroes campaign, urging local residents to properly thank all the medical staff who are now at the forefront of the fight against infection. The best thanks, according to the Sheikh, will be compliance with all the recommendations of doctors.

Having personally thanked all the staff who help to fight the virus, he said:

“In appreciation for the relentless efforts of our medical teams, we have to fulfil our own social responsibility to protect ourselves and our nation. Every citizen, resident and visitor owe their wellbeing and health to dedicated healthcare workers who are working hard without seeking any recognition in return. The least we can do as a community is to follow safety guidelines, practice social distancing and stay in our homes.”

In addition to the excellent work of medical services, the authorities are taking other measures. Mass disinfection is carried out on the streets and inside buildings, and all institutions that remain open (shops, pharmacies, restaurants) are regularly checked by a special inspection for compliance with sanitary standards and all precautionary measures.

Diagnosis of coronavirus

Much attention is paid to the diagnosis among the population. The UAE is in constant contact with experts from other countries, and with the example of some of them they were convinced that the tactics of mass testing are very effective. Therefore, it was decided to take it into service.

For these purposes, in an unprecedentedly short time – in just 14 days – a new laboratory was built, which will specialize in instant RT PCR tests for coronavirus. The lab was built by companies G42 and BGI in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. It is capable of producing tens of thousands of reliable tests per day, which will greatly accelerate the process of testing the population.

The CEO of G42, Peng Xiao, said:

“This high throughput lab provides the scale and firepower to enable all people in Abu Dhabi and the UAE to access the most reliable PCR tests, which are also provided by G42 in partnership with BGI. We thank the UAE leadership’s support in protecting the health and wellbeing of the country’s residents against this pandemic.”

These diagnostic tests are considered among the most reliable. This is the only diagnostic kit approved by WHO, Europe, China and the USA.

The availability of diagnostic tests is very important at different stages of the disease response: to identify new cases, check the contacts of infected patients, monitor the healing process, and also monitor the risk group.

The Co-founder of BGI Group, Wang Jian, declared:

“Together with our partners at G42, we can bring the world’s best technology and experience in fighting global health threats to help the people of the UAE and beyond.”

Dialogue with the population

Among all the measures on health care and counteracting the spread of infection, it is important to mention the work with the population that is carried out in the UAE. The country’s leaders have repeatedly made statements in order to calm the residents, encourage them to cooperate and talk about measures that are being taken for their safety.

Therefore, the country’s leader Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan addressed the population both through the press and through his personal social networks. First of all, he noted that the situation in the country is under control, and the authorities are successfully coping with containing the infection.

He spoke in detail about all the measures taken to prevent and counteract coronavirus, the coordinated work of medical personnel, and the exchange of experience with other advanced countries.

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi noted that:

“We are among the most successful nations in the region in addressing this challenge, both in terms of the number of individuals who have been examined and the potential and resources boasted by the country.”

However, the Sheikh called on everyone to be vigilant and to comply with all the recommendations of doctors and authorities. He noted that it is very important not to allow traditions to become the cause of the spread of the virus, that at the moment it is necessary first of all to be practical, to take care of yourself and your families.

In addition, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed emphasized that food and drug shortages are not expected. He assured that the leaders had taken all necessary measures in advance, and therefore now the situation in the country is stable:

“I’d like to reassure every citizen and resident of the UAE that our country is infinitely able to supply everyone with all the food and medicine they could ever need. “

It remains only to conclude that, by all odds, the United Arab Emirates really occupies a leading position in the lists of countries that are successfully combating coronavirus, and this is primarily achieved thanks to not only timely, but also effective actions by the authorities.

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