Types of commercial property in Abu Dhabi


Today, Abu Dhabi is not only the political center of the country but also the industrial and economic hub of the region with the city’s contribution to the UAE economy of over 50%. The capital is home to the major seaport of Zayed and various financial institutions, including the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. In addition to the city’s economic prosperity, Abu Dhabi is also considered to have a high standard of living and is rightly regarded as a resort city. All this makes the capital a thriving commercial destination which attracts tourists, expats and business from all over the world.

Types of commercial property in Abu Dhabi

The types of commercial property may vary from country to country however, the main kinds that can be identified are offices, retail, industrial, land, hospitality and special purpose. The property market in Abu Dhabi is very diverse for those looking to start or expand a business in the capital. From office spaces to warehouses and showrooms – every property type can be found in the city.

Office spaces

By far the most popular type of commercial real estate is office space. This is due to the fact that almost every company needs a workspace. Typically, office spaces can be divided into Class A, Class B and Class C. Class A refers to the newest buildings with above-average rents, modern systems and premium locations. Class B buildings have medium-range rents and finishes that are in line with the neighbourhood. Class C buildings may not be in the best condition or in the best neighbourhood.


There are a lot of offices available for sale and to rent in Abu Dhabi. The offices start at160 sq. ft. which is the smallest, and go up to 45,000 sq. ft. The most popular areas to buy or rent offices in Abu Dhabi are Al Reem Island, Mussafah, Muroor Area and Mohammed Bin Zayed City. The prices also vary from AED 15,000 a year to AED 300,000 a year, depending on the area and office condition. Here are some of the available offers:

A 180 sq. ft. office space in Mussafah costs AED 16,000 a year which is placed in the Mussafah Industrial Area and is in close proximity to Mazyad Mall, Dalma Mall and Capital Mall. The property is located in the business center and has free parking spaces and meeting rooms.

There is an office located in Madinat Zayed Tower, Muroor Area. At 322 sq. ft. the space costs AED 33,000 a year. It is a furnished unit and the building has covered parking and conference rooms.

An office space is for sale in Addax Port Office Tower, Al Reem Island and costs AED 2,100,000. It has an area of 1,850 sq. ft. and is positioned on a floor that was designed as a column-free offering. The unit is fully fitted and furnished with available parking spaces.

A great opportunity has arisen to acquire an office in Sky Tower, Al Reem Island, and includes an office space with an area of 1,729 sq. ft. and amenities such as covered parking, a pantry and many others. The price for this commercial property is AED 1,729,000. The building is located just a few minutes away from the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Coworking spaces

To put it briefly, coworking is a shared workspace for people with different occupations. Recently, these types of work areas have become more popular with start-ups and entrepreneurs. In recent years, more and more coworking spaces have opened up in Abu Dhabi due to the growing popularity of such places. The area for coworking spaces starts from 50 sq. ft. The prices for these types of spaces vary from place to place but the average membership for one month costs AED 700. Here are some of the best options:

Regus is a global network of coworking spaces with numerous locations of offices located around Abu Dhabi. For instance, there is one located on the 10th, 11th and 12th floors of Al Odaid Office Tower on Airport Road. Here the floorplan area for offices starts from 50 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. Its convenient location and has numerous facilities such as free wi-fi, which makes it a great place to work. The membership starts at AED 1,089. To rent a private office for 2 people will cost AED 2,840 a month, and a dedicated desk for 1 person costs AED 1,089 a month.For open plan seating area, the cost is AED 726 a week per person.

There is an opportunity to work in a shared workspace in the World Trade Center. To rent a desk there costs AED 900 a month per person. A virtual office costs AED 600 a month per person and a private office is AED 570 per person. The offices are located on the 17th floor of the building on Hamdan Street in the heart of Abu Dhabi.


To put it simply, retail commercial property is a space where businesses sell their products or services directly to customers. These types of properties exist for the greater convenience of consumers. There are few types of retail property which can range from a grocery store to a big shopping center. There are lots of options for sale and to rent in Abu Dhabi. The unit spaces can vary from 350 sq. ft. to 16,000 sq. ft. The most popular areas to rent retail space are Al Reem Island along with Hamdan Street and the Mussafah area. The prices start at AED 35,000 a year to rent and AED 350,000 for sale.

A full floor retail property located in Dalma Residence is currently on offer. A 16,700 sq. ft. space costs AED 900,000 a year and is placed on Hamdan Street, in close proximity to the World Trade Center and has easy access to public transport. The building has 24/7 security along with parking spaces close by.

Renting a retail shop in Al Reem Island will cost AED 35,000 a year. The area of the space is 396 sq. ft. and it is located in the Oceanscape complex. It has all the necessary amenities such as round-the-clock security along with underground parking. Its premium location in the heart of Abu Dhabi makes it a favorable place to invest. To buy retail property in the same complex (Oceanscape) with an area of 400 sq. ft. costs AED 400,000.

A fully fitted supermarket on Electra Street is for sale with an area of 2,555 sq. ft. and costs AED 350,000. The offer comes with an LLC Trade License and the price includes all items in the market. Parking is available along with the existing staff. The retail space is located in a mixed area of commercial and residential hubs.


Industrial real estate is thE kind of property where products and goods can be created, manufactured or produced. It can also house logistical processes such as storage and delivery. This type of property can range in size and use. Industrial real estate includes warehouses, storage facilities, factories and showrooms. Recently, the popularity of such properties has risen due to increased demand for delivery.


This type of real estate is used for storing goods in one place before their delivery. The most popular place to buy or rent a warehouse in Abu Dhabi is Mussafah where the floorplan space for the properties can range from 2,400 sq. ft. to 66,000 sq. ft. Here are some of the best offers:

A brand new warehouse is available to rent in Mussafah Industrial Area for AED 300,000 a year. With a floor space area of 8,900 sq. ft. as well as parking and a pantry. The warehouse height is 23 ft.  and is located in the most industrial area of Abu Dhabi.

A 22,500 sq. ft. warehouse with a roof is ready for sale in the Mussafah Industrial Area. For AED 1,700,000 you can purchase a spacious unit for your business in a prime location with all facilities a business needs, such as parking.


Showrooms are commercial types of property for businesses that want to display their products or goods. The most popular area to rent or to purchase a showroom is the Mussafah Industrial Area. The area here ranges from 3,900 sq. ft. and goes up to 40,000 sq. ft.

A spacious brand new showroom in Mussafah is available to rent for AED 300,000 a year. With an area of 6,458 sq. ft. it has facilities such as a pantry and parking. Located in an easy-to-reach location on Mussafah highway.

Located in the same area is a massive showroom and is available for purchase for AED 18,000,000. It has covered parking space and an area of 40,000 sq. ft.


If companies want to start their business location from scratch they will need land for commercial purposes. The best areas to purchase a plot of land in Abu Dhabi are Al Reem Island, Mussafah and Al Shamkha. The area can range from 5,000 sq. ft. up to 300,000 sq .ft.

Industrial land for sale is available in the Mussafah Industrial Area for AED 14,000,000 and has a total area of 80,000 sq. ft. However, there are other great offers like a 199,000 sq. ft. in the same area which costs AED 11,000,000.

To buy commercial land in Al Shamkha costs AED 5,320,000 for 24,132 sq. ft. and nearly AED 8,320,000 for an area of 75,347 sq. ft. Both offers are located in the Al Reeman development.


Real estate in this type of property is oriented towards travelers. The assets in the hospitality sector can vary from motels to hotels and even resorts. Since Abu Dhabi is a well-known destination for tourists there can be a lot of offers on real estate.

There is a possibility to own a hotel apartment in the Fairmont Marina Residence with a total area of 1,365 sq. ft. which will cost AED 1,960,000. This unit consists of one bedroom, two bathrooms as well as access to other amenities. There is also another hotel apartment for sale in the Bin Majid Tower in Al Mina with a cost of AED 220,000,000 for 6,400 sq. ft.

Special use

The properties in this sphere can be owned by commercial investors but cannot be fully-added to the main categories. Some examples of real estate in this type of commercial property sector are: amusement parks, theatres, zoos, parking lots, hospitals, medical offices, dentist offices and many more. Unlike the previous categories, there are not many offers on the market due to the fact that the demand is much lower than other property like offices or warehouses.


  • The capital of Abu Dhabi attracts a large number of businesses, making it an economic industrial hub.
  • There are different classifications of commercial property but the most common ones are office spaces, retail, industrial, land and hospitality.
  • Office spaces are the most in demand commercial property.
  • In recent times industrial real estate is more popular due to increased demand for delivery.
  • There are properties like amusement parks, theatres, zoos, parking lots, hospitals, medical offices that cannot fit the main types, which is why it is part of the special use category.
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