TripAdvisor ranks the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center fourth among the best landmarks in 2022


One of the most recognized attractions in the world; the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, continues to retain its fame, as it is ranked the top fourth tourism attraction in the world, and the first in the region, according to TripAdvisor ratings in 2022. This is one of an array of successes that demonstrate the mosque’s position as an iconic cultural landmark on the global tourist map. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre (SZGMC) is known for its unique creation, which stands out on the list of global places of worship and cultural and tourist attractions across the world.

Previously, this architectural masterpiece was in the top-3 worldwide, as ranked by TripAdvisor. This year (2022), the mosque took leading positions in the subcategory called ‘Top Attractions’ of the newly launched ‘Travelers’ Choice Awards for 2022: the Best of the Best Destinations’ by TripAdvisor. The rankings are based on a number of various criterias, namely the quantity and quality of traveller ratings and the reviews of the tours, experiences, attractions and activities.

Not only does the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque act as a place of worship, but it also plays a major role in spreading the UAE’s message of peace, coexistence and compassion across the different global cultures. In addition, it is famed for its contributions in reviving the Islamic civilization and for being a prominent example of Islamic architecture.

Annually, the religious attraction hosts approximately 7 million visitors and worshippers from different religions and cultures. One of the defining features of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the world’s largest carpet, which covers the floor of the main prayer hall. Boasting a combination of wool and cotton, it was hand-knotted by around 1,200 weavers and artists. In spite of its gigantic size, and a whopping weight of 35 tons, the carpet was created as a single piece, and back in 2017 it entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest worldwide. With a capacity of accommodating around 50,00 people, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque allows its visitors to spend a full day in its exhibition halls, theater, library and Souq Aljami (market).

The area, within which the iconic mosque is located, is called the Grand Mosque District, and offers an array of both apartments and villas exclusively to UAE nationals. Residents of this prestigious neighbourhood are able to not only enjoy an unmatched view of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque from the comfort of their own homes, but also benefit from easy access to Zayed Sports City Stadium and Khalifa International Bowling Center, both of which offer plenty of leisure options.

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