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The Abu Dhabi Travel and Tourism Week programme will feature events focused on developing the emirate’s cultural economy

Abu Dhabi is positioned as an attractive destination for innovators and entrepreneurs, due to its sustainable residential communities, cultural spaces and exciting theme parks. The development of the UAE capital for its citizens and residents, as well as the emirate’s active engagement with the whole world, create good conditions for prosperity of both culture and tourism.

The source of sustainable economic development and diversification is the cultural prosperity of society, which is given great attention in Abu Dhabi. For example, the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT Abu Dhabi) has announced the protection of more than 60 sites in accordance with the new Cultural Heritage Law. Special attention will be paid to the maintenance and renovation of specific attractions.

Abu Dhabi Travel and Tourism Week (ADTTW), which is a platform with 4 distinct conferences, runs from the 25th to 28th September. ADTTW is a key element of the wider initiative to welcome over 24 million visitors to the UAE capital in 2023. The event will strengthen the business and leisure tourism industries within the emirate.

The events under the ADTTW umbrella include the City Tourism Briefing, Abu Dhabi Business Events Forum and the Abu Dhabi Wedding Show, as well as Future Hospitality Summit. These events focus on key areas of the emirate’s development, such as tourism management and policy, destination marketing, business events, weddings in tourist areas of the city and investments in the hotel business.

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