New working hours in the UAE during Ramadan 2023 and customs in the holy month


Ramadan 2023 has brought changes to the private sector in the UAE, and in connection with this, The Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates announced that working times will be reduced by 2 hours. Instead of the normal 48 working hours per week, stipulated by the UAE Labour Law, workers will be able to work 2 hours less during Ramadan.

In connection with the approach to the holy month, schoolchildren are expected to have a two-week vacation. Students during this period can spend time with their families, and the number of teaching hours for them will be reduced.

The holy month of 2023 will begin on March 22 and end on April 21 with Eid Al Fitr. Thirty days before the start of Ramadan, the month of Shaaban begins, in 2023 this date falls on February 21. The word “Ramadan” means “scorching heat”, which is no coincidence, because the holy month falls on the hottest month of the year. Believers do not eat or drink anything from dawn to dusk, however after sunset, an iftar evening meal is served with traditional dishes. Smoking is also prohibited during daylight hours in Ramadan. The holy month is a period for spiritual reflection.

For non-Muslims and tourists, there are also special rules of conduct. You can not show aggression, dance or listen to music loudly in public, swear, refuse an invitation to an evening meal, eat or drink in public places. Appropriate, non-provocative clothing should also be worn throughout Ramadan. Some restaurants will remain open during daylight hours for non-Muslims, children and the elderly.

According to the phases of the lunar calendar, Eid Al Fitr in the Emirates will fall on April 20. In honour of Ramadan, Rove Hotels will organise food distribution throughout the city, thanking delivery drivers with invitations to their iftar buffet.

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