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Masdar Park became the second park in Masdar City to be awarded the “Exemplar” rating

Masdar Park is the second park in Masdar City and in Abu Dhabi in general, that has been awarded the “Exemplar” rating. This means that the project meets or even exceeds environmental, economic, cultural and social standards of sustainable development according to the Estidama Public Realm Rating System.

The park has become a major factor in the “green footprint” of permanent urban development, as recycled materials were used in its construction. Masdar Park was created to increase the number of open green spaces and public places for recreation, as well as to strengthen sustainable projects in the field of social infrastructure.

Entertainment facilities, a multi-purpose sports area, as well as basketball, volleyball and badminton courts are available for visitors of Masdar Park. There is a food hall where you can taste local and international cuisine, and the destination also features indoor and outdoor areas for dining and events.

In 2022, Masdar City’s Central Park became the first park in the region to have received an “Exemplar” rating in the Estidama Public Realm Rating System for public space. The park is designed to meet the 4-Pearl rating by Estidama’s Pearl Community Rating System, which generally evaluates urban communities.

Mohamed Al Breiki, Masdar City’s executive director for Sustainable Real Estate Development, said that the second “Exemplar” assessment confirms Masdar City’s commitment to innovation, sustainable development and finding solutions to climate change. He also noted that parks in the district should be future-oriented, contribute to improving the quality of life and meet cultural needs. All these factors influenced their Estidama rating.

The first public mosque in Abu Dhabi, which will be awarded the highest LEED Platinum rating, will also be built in Masdar Park. LEED is an international standard for “green” buildings assigned by the US Green Buildings Council.

Mohammed Al Breiki added that thanks to the latest Estidama rating, more people will learn about the benefits of Masdar Park in terms of sustainable development. Mohamed Al Breiki is also waiting for the opportunity to welcome visitors to the park as soon as possible.

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