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Abu Dhabi — the safest city in the world in 2024

Abu Dhabi has been hailed as the safest metropolis on the planet. The survey results were published by the international company, Numbeo, which analyses the quality of life in cities worldwide. The ranking was released by the Abu Dhabi Police.

The UAE capital has been topping the list of safest cities since 2017. According to the emirate’s police chief, Maktoum Ali Al Shafi, Abu Dhabi continues to be the safest city in the world thanks to the government’s investment in the police force. To maintain safety in the city, the police rigorously train their personnel, who utilise innovative technologies and artificial intelligence alongside the more standard methods.

Abu Dhabi has held the title of the safest city in the world for eight years running. Here, the highest standards of living and safety are upheld for citizens, permanent residents and guests of the emirate.

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