Properties for Sale in

Al Shamkha

Properties for Sale in Al Shamkha

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Osama Shuayeb
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About Al Shamkha

Al Skamkha is a modern residential community with a strategic location far away from the centre of Abu Dhabi. The large neighbourhood borders the main road of the country on the north-east of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E11). Another highway – Sweihan Road (E20) – is adjacent to the northern side of the district. Al Shamkha community is surrounded by neighbourhoods such as Al Falah, Madinat Al Riyad and Al Shawamekh.

At the moment the project is under development and will be completed soon. Al Shamkha has a development area of 30,305,477 sq. ft and will include 220 apartments and 786 villas after the construction is complete and will house approximately 22,000 residents. Starting prices for housing units in the district constitutes AED 700,000 (USD 190,000). Owners of villas will be provided parking spaces for one or several cars. Owners of apartments will have one allocated parking space per apartment. The community will also have lots of street parking places.

Residents of Al Shamkha will have access to various amenities, including round-the-clock security, CCTV surveillance systems, parks, bicycle paths, entertainment options and supermarkets and grocery options such as Madina Al Shamikha, Happy Home Grocery, BAQALA, Star of Samha, Baqala Al Tafash, Noor Al Izdihar Supermarket and SPAR hypermarket.

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Religious institutions

Religious facilities on the territory of Al Shamkha include Masjid Mosque, Habeeb Bin Zaid Mosque, Mosque Ja’far Bin Al Zubair Bin Al’awam, Bilal Mosque, SH-16 Central Mosque, Abu Sa’eed Mosque, and Zaid Bin Thabet Mosque as well as many more. Representatives of other religions can visit several churches which are located in Musaffah Industrial area (approximately twenty minutes’ drive away).

Educational facilities

Al Yasat Private School, Al Reyada School, Al Aasimah Primary School, Wales International School, ABC Private School and Al Manara Private School are all educational facilities located on the territory of Al Shamkha community. Several of the best universities in Abu Dhabi such as Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, Khalifa University of Science and Technology MASDAR Campus and Abu Dhabi University can be reached in approximately twenty minutes’.

Medical institutions

There are three medical centres in the neighbourhood: Burjeel Medical Center, Sama Al Shamkha Medical Center and Shamkha Medical Center. There is also a dental clinic – Dr Abbas Hussain Mohammed Ortho & Dental center in close proximity.

Shopping malls and restaurants

Residents of Al Shamkha have numerous shopping options. Last Exit Al Shamkha, Makani Al Shamkha Mall and Al Shamkha Mall are situated in the neighbourhood. The closest trade malls include Zenith Supermarket, Al Maya Supermarket, Lulu Express Fresh Market Shawamekh and Bawabat Al Sharq Mall.

The area offers residents plenty of dining options as well. The most popular restaurants in the neighbourhood are Maroosh Restaurant, Gazebo Restaurant and Nabras al Shaebi Restaurant. There are also Badeyat Al Khaleej Restaurant, Qasir Al Walima Restaurant, Bab Al Fakhamah and Golden Talla Restaurant & Grills.

Economic attractiveness

Al Shamkha is located in close proximity to some of Abu Dhabi’s best known attractions and includes a lot of amenities. The family-friendly neighbourhood has a well-equipped infrastructure with many stores, restaurants, supermarkets, medical and religious facilities. Al Shamkha offers a mix of residential and commercial properties for sale and to rent. The district is also one of the most popular locations to buy commercial real estate in Abu Dhabi. At the moment many projects in Al Shamkha are under development but will be completed soon due to this area being part of the strategic 2030 economic vision for Abu Dhabi.

There are a lot of residential options here: studios and one to four-bedroom apartments as well as two to eleven-bedroom luxury villas. Apartments have spacious kitchens, fully-fitted bathrooms and private balconies. Villas have a large kitchen, laundry room, dining room, maid’s room and private garden. The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in Al Shamkha constitutes AED 33,000 (USD 9,000) per annum. The average rental price for a two-bedroom villa is AED 56,000 (USD 15,000) per annum.

Luxury six-bedroom villas in Al Shamkha have the highest ROI at 8.8 % – compared to the other types of villas. The ROI of five-bedroom villas constitutes 8.2%, seven-bedroom villas ROI is 8.4%, and eight-bedroom villas will give you a return of 6.1%.

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Best real estate projects

Alreeman 1.

This community in Al Shamkha offers a selection of residential and commercial land for sale with various amenities such as parks, swimming pools, gyms and outdoor fitness. Currently, the project is under development. The developer is Aldar Properties. Commercial land of A type has 48,437 sq. ft, commercial land of C type – 75,347 sq. ft of gross floor. Gross floor of residential land of A,B, C types vary from 4,000 – 8,000 sq. ft. The starting price for land in Alreeman constitutes AED 750,000 (USD 204,000).

Alreeman 2.

The second phase of the Alreeman project also offers residential and commercial land. Residential land of A type has 4,111 sq. ft, of B type – 6,049 sq. ft, of C type – 8,234 sq. ft of gross floor area. The starting price for residential plots for sale in the self-sustainable community constitutes AED 680,000 (USD 185,000). Currently the project is under construction and the developer is Aldar Properties. This is a family-oriented community, which is surrounded by entertainment attractions, sports facilities and has a well-developed infrastructure.

Main attractions

Al Shamkha neighbourhood offers a wide range of amenities and landmarks. Here residents can enjoy recreational facilities with their families and friends.

Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Centre.

One of the best trade malls in Al Shamkha offers numerous jewellery, fashion, electronics and household stores. At the moment the mall is under construction and is expected to be a popular shopping place after its completion. Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Centre will also organise kids’ festivals, circus shows, as well as arts and crafts events.

Baniyas Sports and Culture Club.

The Sports Club offers many sporting activities such as table tennis, football, handball, volleyball, jiu-jitsu, swimming and fencing. For those individuals who love sport can also participate in different tournaments which occur every year in Baniyas.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.

This is one of the most popular attractions in Abu Dhabi, which treats approximately 7,000 falcons every year. Visitors can get a two-hour tour in order to see and hold falcons. The tour also includes investigation of these birds as a species. The best thing about this excursion is the possibility of taking a photo with a falcon sitting on your arm.

Properties for Sale & Rent in Al Shamkha

Unit ReferenceTitleSizeBedsBathsPrice
MPC-S-36585 Corner Residential Plot |811 Sqm| Idyllic Location 8,730 sq. ft. Studio 1,650,000 AED
MPC-S-36428 Single Row | Incomparable Deal | Palatial Villa 3,348 sq. ft. 3 5 3,000,000 AED
MPC-S-36750 Great Investment | Single Row Commercial Plot 23,831 sq. ft. Studio 5,550,000 AED
MPC-S-36266 Single Row | Corner | Amazing Deal | Best Location 8,141 sq. ft. Studio 1,750,000 AED
MPC-S-36574 Affordable Corner Plot| Single Row |Prime Location 8,170 sq. ft. Studio 1,700,000 AED
MPC-S-36389 Invest Now | Corner Plot | Double Row | Fully Paid 5,733 sq. ft. Studio 1,500,000 AED
MPC-S-36791 Hot Deal |Single Row Residential Plot | Alreeman1 10,882 sq. ft. Studio 1,950,000 AED
MPC-S-36223 Single Row | Fully Paid | 510 Sqm | Near To School 5,490 sq. ft. Studio 1,200,000 AED
MPC-S-36571 510 SQM | Facing Community Center| Worth-Investing 5,490 sq. ft. Studio 1,110,000 AED
MPC-S-36388 Affordable Price | 510 Sqm | Excellent Location 5,490 sq. ft. Studio 1,150,000 AED
MPC-S-36784 Alreeman 2 | Single Row | Corner Residential Plot 5,827 sq. ft. Studio 1,250,000 AED
MPC-S-36092 Brand New | Residential Villa | Terrific Finishing 12,195 sq. ft. 8 9 6,600,000 AED
MPC-S-36562 AlReeman 2 | Single Row Plot | Worthy Investment 9,343 sq. ft. Studio 1,500,000 AED
MPC-S-36374 30K Profit ONLY | Corner 5BR | Mediterranean Type 8,403 sq. ft. 5 9 4,148,025 AED
MPC-S-36852 Corner Villa | Single Row 4BR | Exclusive Finishes 4,203 sq. ft. 4 7 3,497,649 AED
MPC-S-36497 Double Row | Worth To Invest | Near The Entrance 5,487 sq. ft. Studio 1,250,000 AED
MPC-S-36612 Corner Villa | Terrific 5BR | Payment Plan 40/60 5,130 sq. ft. 5 6 3,900,000 AED
MPC-S-36368 Invest Now | Corner Single Row | Massive Plot Size 10,989 sq. ft. Studio 2,500,000 AED
MPC-S-36838 Single Row | Corner | 4BR Villa | True Luxury 4,203 sq. ft. 4 7 3,678,913 AED
MPC-S-36494 Corner Residential Plot| Fully Paid |The High Life 5,941 sq. ft. Studio 1,250,000 AED
MPC-S-36609 Single Row 4BR| True Luxury |Near Community Center 4,047 sq. ft. 4 8 3,370,000 AED
MPC-S-36355 Single Row Plot | Excellent Location | Fully Paid 6,958 sq. ft. Studio 2,000,000 AED
MPC-S-36821 Best Price | Single Row| Corner| Reeman1 | 510 Sqm 4,037 sq. ft. Studio 1,300,000 AED
MPC-S-36493 Corner Residential Plot | N3 | Near To The Garden 8,428 sq. ft. Studio 1,500,000 AED
MPC-S-36605 Massive Plot | Buildable As Residential Building 23,831 sq. ft. Studio 7,000,000 AED
MPC-S-36352 Motivated Seller| Corner Plot | Near To The Park 6,885 sq. ft. Studio 1,500,000 AED
MPC-S-36808 Mid Unit | Single Row | Time To Start Investing 5,380 sq. ft. Studio 2,000,000 AED
MPC-S-36492 Start Building Your Home| Single Row | Buy It Now 4,036 sq. ft. Studio 1,250,000 AED
MPC-S-36615 Incredible Land|Build Your Dream Home|Single Row 11,087 sq. ft. Studio 1,800,000 AED
MPC-S-36340 Affordable |Single Row | Corner | Smart Investment 5,607 sq. ft. Studio 1,350,000 AED
MPC-S-36905 Single Row | Incredible Plot | Make It Yours 5,487 sq. ft. Studio 1,200,000 AED
MPC-S-36450 Sensational Deal | Single Row 4BR | Prime location 4,211 sq. ft. 4 8 3,490,000 AED
MPC-S-36436 Double Row | Own This Plot| Time To Invest 5,489 sq. ft. Studio 1,200,000 AED
MPC-S-36293 Corner Residential Plot | 887 SQM | Make It Yours 9,548 sq. ft. Studio 2,350,000 AED
MPC-S-36903 Corner Unit | Great Investment | Clever Choice 8,715 sq. ft. Studio 1,725,000 AED
MPC-S-36441 Single Row 4BR | Modern Arabic Villa | True Luxury 4,203 sq. ft. 4 8 3,540,000 AED
MPC-S-36700 Single Row | Brand-New Villa | Sensational Deal 4,203 sq. ft. 4 8 3,200,000 AED
MPC-S-36284 Affordable Residential Plot | Make It Yours Now 8,070 sq. ft. Studio 1,400,000 AED
MPC-S-36876 Hot Deal | Superb Corner Plot | Unique Location 6,501 sq. ft. Studio 1,400,000 AED
MPC-S-36591 Single Row Plot | 561 SQM | Great Bargain | Own It 6,039 sq. ft. Studio 1,200,000 AED
MPC-S-36754 Single Row | Corner Residential Plot | Must-Have 10,772 sq. ft. Studio 2,050,000 AED
MPC-S-36267 Al Reeman 2 | Enormous Plot | Corner | Double row 10,980 sq. ft. Studio 2,050,000 AED
MCS-1016 Double Row | Near The Entrance | NO Profit | 40/60 4,210 sq. ft. 4 5 3,375,000 AED
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