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Dubai estate agents tell of fight to thrive and survive in win or bust race for a sale

Abu Dhabi may be a different market but a building boom has led to significant demand for sales and rentals.

My workday is very long as we are on call for our customers throughout the day but I try to end my day around 10pm

said Faozia Aman, from Yemen, who works as a sales manager with Metropolitan Capital Real Estate in Abu Dhabi.

I work solely off commission and it pushes me to work harder. Understanding the requirements and then identifying the right property, putting all the pieces together and co-ordinating with all the different parties does come with its own set of challenges.

She said the competitive nature of the market means estate agents had to remain alert at all times to avoid losing out on sales.

It’s competitive, just like any sales job. Especially with a lot of new companies and agents entering the real estate industry, many different agents working towards the same goal of buying and selling real estate and winning new business

she said.

The sacrifices come in the way of time, money and sleep in some cases.

I might be invited to a weekend event that I will have to pass on in order to go to a viewing. You never want to lose out on a deal because you didn’t work hard enough!

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